Air Link Tunnel Surveys

A series of structural assessments and documentation were carried out on adjacent properties to a major infrastructure project.  The aim of the surveys was to establish a baseline for comparative studies after the construction was concluded.  The documentation was critical in determining the impact, if any, of the infrastructure project to nearby establishments.

Fast Fourier Transform Comparison

A study was conducted to assess the accuracy of various FFT software algorithms.  The algorithms in question were popular routines for advanced structural analysis. Each methodology was subjected to a battery of tests and criteria.  Results, suitability and conclusions were presented to the commissioner of the study and future software packages were deployed based on the outcome of this study.

Performance Based Truck Analysis

Mako Blue has been providing the PBS project with the Structural Analysis of Proposed Truck Designs impact on current bridges.

Crystal Ball Modification

This modification was developed for the specific needs of the customer, which had to include the Crystal Ball Add-In as a Monte Carlo Simulation Engine.

The modification had to provide new functionality, deliver different reports and interface with related data and spreadsheets. Customizing existing applications to the needs of individual client is one of the main services Mako Blue provides.

Instantel Data Report Interface

A spreadsheet-based application was developed to produce Blast Reports from an Instantel Data Logger.

To date, this report generator has been customized for the specific needs of two different customers.

Bridge Assessment and Rating

A number of projects have been conducted that provided a rating for the structural capacity of bridges subjected to in-service loading. Bridges ranged from reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, composite, steel and timber; and included an array of different designs and loading arrangements.

In some cases, the projects required recommendations of remedial work to improve ratings to acceptable levels.

Site Inspection and Evaluation of Structures

To date this work has been conducted mostly on heavy engineering equipment and their supporting structures in marine environments.

Structural assessment as well as defect mapping, remedial work and long term impact services were provided as part of the projects.

Dynamic Structural Analysis

Structural Analysis of Concrete and Masonry structures subjected to dynamic loading generated from blasting operations.

Project objectives ranged from environmental impact of mining operations on heritage listed structures to the design of structures to withstand blasts and protect staff.

Fatigue Limit State of the Bridge Code

Through the use of an in-house designed software package this project developed the loading scheme for the fatigue limit state of the new Australian Bridge Code. The project required the use of optimization methods, assessment of accumulated fatigue damage and projected traffic volumes of new bridges.