Sotware Terms and Conditions

Mako Blue adopts a different approach to software development. Source Code and Design Architecture remains our property, however, the final product is yours. This means you can sell it, without paying royalties, to recoup your outlay:

Typical Terms and Conditions associated with our Software Products.

  1. Mako Blue retains all intellectual property in and rights to the source code and design architecture of any and all software designed by Mako Blue and its subcontractors.
  2. Mako Blue retains the right to use any source code and design architecture for any other software development.
  3. Upon full payment of final invoice, the client obtains all rights to the software excluding the source code and design architecture and may copy, sell, transfer or otherwise deal with the software produced in any manner without further notification or liability to Mako Blue.
  4. Without limiting 3 above, all copies, transfers or other distributions must include on the packaging and accompanying correspondence, whether by electronic means or otherwise, the words “Designed by Mako Blue”.
  5. Mako Blue or its subcontractors without the express, written permission of the client for whom the software was developed will not distribute software developed for the client to any third party.
  6. The client agrees to make best endeavours to ensure these terms and conditions are complied with by any person to whom the client transfers, sells or otherwise distributes the software.