Software Development

For some of our more technical clients, training sessions in database design, spreadsheet formulation and programming code have been provided.  This evolution from software production to software consultation has saved the client's outlay, allowed for more rapid deployment of small design changes, and provided more time for Mako Blue to work on more complex software solutions.

Microsoft Office Packages

A number of projects have been conducted to provide training in standard Mircosoft Office packages. Ranging from individual tuition to group classes, training has covered basic to advanced features. Most of these classes were customized to solve specific problems or illustrate features that were requested by the client.

Mako Blue Packages

In order to ensure that our customers can utilize the full potential of our products, we provide training sessions in the use of our software. This service not only covers package usage, but also an understanding of key concepts and issues associated with the product to remove the mystery of what happens beyond the keyboard.