Vehicle Procurement Management

A bespoke system developed to streamline the process of procuring new vehicles for large company's commercial fleet.  The package included automating correspondence, recording critical historical data, and interaction with inputs from third party data sets.  The system allowed advanced users a high level of customisation to advance the package beyond the delivered package.

Fly Rock Predictor Variation

Based on the principles of the Fly Rock Predictor software package, a new system was developed.  This package adopted a different approach to fragmentation and launch velocity.  There was a greater focus on terrain mapping, barrier analysis, contouring of output data, and integration into the client's server and remote data retrieval.

Folder Comparison

A simple and quick project (designed, tested and deployed in six (6) hours), this product evaluated the folder structure on a windows platform and reported meta data not available natively in the operating system.

Vibration Dosage Calculator

Changes in determination and compliance of construction and mining operations on surrounding areas, led to a new range of tools being developed for existing clients.  Work included studying new Australian Standards as well as work conducted in the United Kingdom and Germany.  To minimise costs to the client, current software packages were reworked as opposed to developing a new systems.  This resulted in a smaller outlay and quicker development cycle.

Stock Manager Suite

Designed as a "sister" system to the Client Manager suite, this collection of databases and executables was aimed at tracking a manufacturing business's stock.  The software included stock availability and assignment to orders, supplier correspondence, auditing, discrepancy management, location system, and deployment mechanism.

As a complimentary package to the Client Manager, similar features such as warnings and reminders, repeating order pattern analysis, and critical data backup/retrieval systems were also implemented.

Client Manager Suite

A series of integrated databases, spreadsheets, documents and executables designed to manage a medium size business client interaction.  The package included quote and order pricing, client correspondence, manufacturing monitoring and progression, automatic email and pdf creation, warnings and reminders, and Auto CAD interface.

The system was designed with mechanisms to cater for pricing changes, formula revision and modification, increased automation of repeatable jobs, statistical analysis of sales data, and critical data backup/retrieval.

Fly Rock Predictor

This project utilised a predictive modelling system to determine likely dispersion patterns of fly rock from blasting operations.  The analysis took into account fragmentation, particle air resistance, drag forces on projectiles, simulation variation and incorporated a number of launch velocity models.

Due to the complexity of the software, algorithms from a number of sources were included to provide a complete software solution.  These algorithms included; NASA drag and air resistance models, launch velocity models from various published papers, numerical integration techniques and statistical analysis.  Modelling included limited terrain contouring and particle origin considerations.

Software output included graphical presentation of impact areas, result data in spreadsheet and/or html formats.  Optimal analysis routines were also included to determine critical blast design inputs.

Blast Pit Analyser

Using previous software packages as a foundation, a new system was deployed to extend Vibration and Overpressure results from blasting operations.  These modifications involved utilising the some of the graphic presentation features from the Clem 7 project and adopting them to this new software package.  Other modifications involved relocating the analysis engine, excel spreadsheet output option, and web page output option.

Easy Link Post Processing

Easy Link is bespoke software package designed to interface with field monitoring equipment and a PC.  This project was aimed at providing advanced analysis and presentation tools to the client using the Easy Link output files as a foundation.  Subsequent use of the initial software package has led to a number of enhancements and modifications to cater for changing client's requirements.

Web Spreadsheet Control

This project presented a unique software challenge.  The client wanted a functioning spreadsheet, for teaching purposes, which could be remotely disabled at the conclusion of the course and hence would protect intellectual property. A series of security measures were adopted to provide the appropriate tools for the duration of the course and remove functionality if a series of conditions were met.

Waveform Analyser Add-ons

Two separate add-ons were developed to enhance the functionality of the previously published Waveform Analyser software.  These add-ons were targeted at Quarry Benches and Trench Construction; each add-on assessed the impact from blast construction methods.

Clem 7 Tunnel Construction Analysis

A new software package was designed to assist in construction management decisions for Brisbane's Clem 7 Tunnel.  The main output was a graphic overlay of a satellite image of the affected area.  Each of the 200,000 adjacent premises was assessed for vibration and over pressure from each metre of tunnel construction, the resulting data was then localised to determine high impact areas.  Based on these results, alternate construction methods, alignments and strategies were proposed and reworked.

One such analysis resulted in relocating the patients of a nearby hospital to a Brisbane hotel during a critical two (2) weeks of construction.  The software was able to determine construction impact was unavoidable, and the relocation of Hospital residents and equipment lockdown as the only viable solution.  Construction continued on schedule, damage to expensive hospital equipment was avoided and compliance with construction impact criteria's was met.

Examples of the software's capabilities were presented to the European companies involved in the project.  The software also went on to be adapted to similar construction projects.

PEN (Application Analysis Engine)

Using previous experience modelling ground vibrations due to quarry blasts, a joint project was completed to provide a standalone application. This application would predict both ground vibration and overpressure effects from mining operations.

Mako Blue was responsible for providing the analysis engine behind the user interface that was developed by another software development company. This project was the first project that Mako Blue has undertaken with another software development company and the integration process between packages was very successful.

The project also involved translating code segments from VBA to VB, setting encryption, different user security levels and authentication, and separate user interfaces to adjust calculation parameters.

The final product is available for purchase from Noise Measurement Services and John Heilig & Partners.

STC Calculator

A standalone application was developed to assess domestic noise levels in dwellings as detailed in Quirt, J.D., 1985, Building Practice Note No. 56 Controlling Sound Transmission into Buildings, National Research Council Canada.

The project involved translating Quick Basic code segments into a graphical user interface compatible with modern computer platforms.

Additional requirements included; cosmetic changes to the application to promote useability and accurate problem definition, multiple input options to allow program manipulation with mouse operations, and a cross-application report output to expand application integration.

Truck Bridge Analyser

This project was centred around two interconnected applications designed to both design truck axle configurations and assess their impact on bridges.

The first application allowed the user to enter truck details and configurations in a range of different formats, produce a custom file of these values, as well as create, save, print and copy a picture of the resultant design.

The second application used the custom file to load truck details and then analysed the engineering design actions when these vehicles traversed user-specified bridges.

Mine Blast Assessment

This project was generated as a major upgrade to a previous project the “Quarry Blast Assessment”.

The application was re-engineered to be applicable for underground mining and included a range of new features for better blast simulation and site management of vibration levels. The final product supplied the client with a unique application and the flexibility to re-use the application for other company projects.

Purlin Calculator

A package was developed to design Roof and Wall Cladding, and Structural Members based on the Stramit Design Tables. The application was designed to be applicable for structures ranging from Carports and Awnings to Industrial Buildings and Distribution Warehouses.

Entering little more information than general site conditions and overall dimensions, the package generates designs for a range of applicable design cases and provides the ability to include special design cases as defined by the customer's needs.

Features included; full control over all design parameters, and expected features like saving, modifying, editing and printing a design project.

Crystal Ball Upgrade

An add-on module was developed to provide the client with additional features and flexibility to an existing application, “Crystal Ball”.

This module allowed the client to use “Crystal Ball” more efficiently and rapidly become reacquainted with an application used only sporadically by the company.

In addition, the module made it possible to customize “Crystal Ball”, specifically to both the client's needs and the projects for which the application was used.

Queensland Government Timesheet

An easy-to-use, easy-to-learn electronic timesheet application was developed for a branch of the Queensland State Government.

The system had to be implemented in a restrictive and dated operating environment, and be successively utilized by customers with limited computer literacy.

The package had to enforce current government work conditions and policy, regarding leave and accrued leave.

Waveform Analyser

A package was developed to provide a range of features to represent waveforms from a collection of different data loggers. Features ranged from simple graphical display and customized report generation to Fast Fourier Transforms and Rain Flow Fatigue Counting.

Vehicle Road Interaction

A package was developed to convert a collection of formulae and FORTRAN code into a product that would assess the dynamic impact of vehicle loading to various pavement profiles.

The new system had to incorporate a range of new features including a statistical analysis, generation of a rating system and scale, and the protection of intellectual property for the system.

Quarry Blast Assessment

This project involved a statistical analysis to develop a collection of theoretical models of ground vibration from blasting based on a single hole waveform.

The product allowed for customized blasting patterns and a range of output options. The software accounted for delay variations, hole and monitor locations and blast sequencing.

Load Design Optimization

In order to complete an Engineering Project, a software package was developed to design a truck loading configuration to represent the fatigue limit state for the new Bridge Code. The package involved an Optimization routine to match the resultant loading to the accumulated fatigue damage for a new bridge over its life cycle.